While Say Who was participating in the New York “Y” experiment, it was in the ninth arrondissement of Paris that YSL Beauty presented the newborn of its men’s fragrances. For once, the new muses YSL David Alexander Flinn and Loyle Carner (only Alexandre Robicquet was missing) had answered present to breathe their charisma – it must be said, rather exceptional – the spirit of Y. The new campaign breaks with the sacrosanct mega-celebrity or top model whose name is hard to remember by choosing for this new project three creative personalities, specialists in their fields (music, art, artificial intelligence) and driven by their passion to create. These themes were addressed during the talk-conference led by Mark Adams, Head of Innovation at Vice Media, where we learned about the love of Loyle Carner, a rising rap star, for Scotland and its great spaces. Beyond the perfume, intense juice thought for the modern man, the evening was lived as a manifesto. Here an experience of augmented reality, there scores arranged as in a workshop, we find the spirit of Y everywhere, until affixing its signature on its bottle, which then becomes a unique object. #THATSY

Photos: Say Who
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