“A service that will make you blush with desire”. While its first collection of plates gave carte blanche to seven French Touch artists, Maison Fragile continues today to explore the synergies between porcelain and art with a service designed in collaboration with photographer Sonia Sieff. As we know, Sonia Sieff is the daughter of the legendary photographer Jeanloup Sieff, while the founder of Maison Fragile Mary Castel is the granddaughter of a porcelain maker. In addition to the heritage, the two women meet around their conception of beauty (in all its intimacy, sensuality and, indeed, fragility), which gives life to a collection of four pieces – plates, coffee and tea cups – which highlight “Le Pompon”, an emblematic photograph by Sonia Sieff taken from her book “Les Françaises” (which also gives her name to this collaboration). A treat for the eyes before being a treat for the taste buds.

Photos: Valentin Le Cron
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