Carte Blanche Cocktail at Galleria Continua

Le Bar du Bristol


For its carte blanche at the Hotel le Bristol, in collaboration with Saywho agency, Galleria Continua offers a selection of 50 videos by internationally renowned artists from the five continents.

Since its creation in 1990 in Tuscany, the transalpine gallery has striven to create bridges between Italy and the rest of the world. The proof with its two branches in China and France, which explore parallel or emerging artistic scenes, and the forty or so artists from all horizons.

Produced by Belgian, Intalian, Egyptian Cameroonian and Kosovar artists, the videos projected in the mirror of the Bar du Bristol offer a geographical, cultural and aesthetic journey, as many reflections of the way these artists look at the world: poetic, political or humorous. Crossed visions allowing to change our perception of things by appreciating them under a new angle.

Every evening until 31 January, the mirror of the Bar du Bristol lights up in the light of these worldwide achievements, giving a little more warmth to the velvets of the most cosy of the luxury bars. Review of the opening.

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