13.04.2017 69 rue du Faubourg Saint Antoine #fashion

With “Instinct”, the Bonobo Jeans community starts recycling

It was in its boutique rue du Faubourg St Antoine that the ready-to-wear brand Bonobo Jeans revealed its new sustainable collection. Baptized “Instinct”, it proposes each year parts conceived entirely starting from used jeans. For the occasion, five influencers including Pierre Schuester, Thomas Poulet and Victoria Arias (MangoandSalt) as well as their communities gathered around an aperitif dinner in the shop, where they could participate in customization workshops. Embroidery and lace pieces were superimposed on jackets, trousers and shirts made of recycled jeans to the delight of the guests, who were able to leave with the unique models they had made with care. An opportunity for the brand to promote ethical and responsible fashion in a fun and friendly atmosphere.

Photos: Valentin Le Cron

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