02.10.2016 Garage Lübeck #fashion

Yazbukey kicks off its summer 2017 rush

We can always count on Yazbukey to give a surrealistic turn to Parisian fashion. So it was in the Lübeck garage, in the heart of the 16th arrondissement, that she met her guests to discover Fuel Injection, her new collection.

In an idealized and revamped HQ-style petrol station of glamorous oilheads, Pat and Anna Cleveland, surrounded by an explosive cast, made sparks in front of a conquered audience including Mademoiselle Agnès, Christian Louboutin, Vincent Darré, Michel Gaubert and Ellen von Unwerth.

Free and sexy, the Yaz girls devour the road as they crunch life: with full teeth, with a collection where were found inspirations dragster, Donna Jordan and hijackings of petroleum logos. Whether it’s the traditional Plexiglas accessories, this season featuring the essentials of mechanics, or the new leather bags, summer 2017 is off to a great start.


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