24.10.2014 Hotel Salomon de Rothschild #art

Bal Jaune – FIAC 2014

For once, the Fondation d’entreprise Ricard and Beaux-Arts magazine celebrated the FIAC and art in all its forms with their immutable Bal Jaune. On the programme: a dinner under the gilded Salomon de Rothschild Hotel concocted by Yannick Alléno (definitely everywhere), punctuated in the most beautiful way by the musical happenings of Ornette, Milamarina, Simon & Simone and Boys in Lilies. The evening followed, Dantesque, where the contemporary All-Art was pressed to the sound of Dye, Jackson, Dave Aju and Lake People. Techno but not too much.

But let us not forget: this great night raout is also/above all (according to affinity) the occasion to present the Prize of the said Foundation, awarded this year to Camille Blatrix (within the framework of the exhibition “L’Epoque, Humeurs, les Valeurs, l’Attention” orchestrated by castillo/corrales), which the jury defines as” the most representative artist of the young French artistic scene”.

Also worth noting: the video concert by Chassol and the ephemeral installation of another signature of the young hexagonal guard: Wilfrid Almendra. I can’t wait till next year.


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