Yorgo Tloupas transposes the digital experience on paper with “Publication”.

Caffè Artcurial


The end of the paper hasn’t come yet. And this is thanks to Yorgo Tloupas whose reputation is well established. After twenty years of success in art direction for the press, design and fashion, he celebrated the launch of his website Yorgo.co with the release of Publication, number 1 of a series of magazines featuring the content of the digital platform. Simply put, the cover reads “This is publication, an imprint of the Yorgo&Co website, issue one.” And for this event, the place of the festivities was not chosen at random either: Yorgo and his team received their guests (prestigious faces of the creative industries like Antoine Arnault, Pamela Golbin or Julien Desselle) at Caffè Artcurial so the identity was conceived by Yorgo&Co. For the anecdote, the Caffè Artcurial is housed in the heart of the Marcel Dassault Hotel, headquarters of the Artcurial auction house, whose identity has also been rethought by Yorgo&Co!

Photos: Michael Huard
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