30.09.2016 51 avenue d'Iena - Paris VIII #beauty

YSL Vinyl Cream Session

Yves Saint Laurent Beauté has made its way into indie music by opening this weekend the anniversary edition of the W9 Home Festival. On the programme: a plethora of make-up experiences, of course, but also and above all a young and inspired program that brought together Paradis, Bel Plaine, Papooz and Dionysos in the living rooms of a private mansion in the 8th arrondissement.

The emerging quartet took turns on the ephemeral stages of the 51, Jena, throughout this evening played behind closed doors before the doors were opened to the public the next day. The opportunity for the lippue crowd, co-hosted by SAYWHO, to discover the Vinyl Cream range, innovative lip varnishes that promise you the comfort of a cream, an Xtrem outfit and the shine of a 33 rpm. Hence the name.

Photos: Virgile Guinard

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