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Gagosian Artist Spotlight

Titus Kaphar

If we don’t amend history by making new images and new representations, we are always going to be excluding ourselves

Gagosian Artist Spotlight

One Artist, One Work, One Week




Painter, sculptor, filmmaker, and installation artist Titus Kaphar confronts history by dismantling classical structures and styles of visual representation in Western art in order to subvert them. Dislodging entrenched narratives from their status as “past” so as to understand and estimate their impact on the present, he exposes the conceptual underpinnings of contested nationalist histories and colonialist legacies and how they have served to manipulate both cultural and personal identity.


Artist Spotlight: Titus Kaphar features a new work directly from the artist’s studio to be discovered on gagosian.com


About Gagosian Artist Spotlight


As arts institutions worldwide temporarily close their doors to support efforts to contain the Covid-19 pandemic, exhibitions everywhere are being canceled, postponed, or curtailed. For artists who have invested time, energy, and resources preparing shows now directly affected by the health crisis, Gagosian is launching Artist Spotlighta new, multifaceted program that invites individual artists to use the gallery’s online channels as an open platform, to present their work to the world and continue generating support for their studios.


Each week, Gagosian will be unveiling a rich weave of editorial features every Wednesday—including videos, interviews, essays, artists’ playlists, and more—providing insights into artistic practice and process, inspirations and influences. Each Friday at 6am edt, the gallery will present a single artwork exclusively online page, making it available with pricing information for forty-eight hours only.


Portrait: Titus Kaphar in his studio with his painting The Aftermath (2020), New Haven, Connecticut, 2020. Artwork © Titus Kaphar. Photo: John Lucas

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