22Visconti presents a new exhibition called “Takling About A Revolution!” After “Surfaces sans cibles” and its manifesto on the role of images in our society, Armelle Leturcq and Frank Perrin invited “irreconciliated” artists to invest the gallery located in a confidential street of Saint Germain-des-Prés. It is the exhibition curator Paul Ardenne who came up withe the adjective to refer to these artists from all generations. It references the events of May 68 as we’re currently celebrating the popular revolution’s fiftieth anniversary. Every artist here is a witness, an observer, and a critic of the revolution. Among the renowned artists on display, Adel Abdessemed, Gérard Fromanger, Michel Journiac and Andrei Molodkin are some of the names to remember. Some did not experience May 68, still they continue to talk about revolution in their own way: with a feminist perspective for Oksana Shachko, the Ukrainian activist and co-founder of the Femen. The young artist, already presented last November, shows her crosses inspired by orthodox iconography. The subversive words of “neo-feminist”, Austrian artist Michaela Spiegel respond to their message, and so does Jean-Claude Jolet’s sculpture called “Je condamne fermement”. Still, Gianni Motti’s words are the one that catch the visitor’s eye from the entrance. By painting “I’m not on Facebook” on a giant banner, the iconic artist expresses his rejection of social media’s totalitarian regime. As the gallery quickly filled up with aficionados and connoisseurs of contemporary art, the presence of the great Julio Le Parc was particularly noticeable. With the Cannes Film Festival in full swing, it was also time for Armelle Leturcq and Frank Perrin to celebrate the release the 84th issue of Crash, a cinema special, featuring film director Agnès Varda on its cover. The exhibition is to see until June 17th.

Photos: Pierre Mouton
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