Aux sources des Bains with Eau de Cologne Les Bains Guerbois

Les Bains - Paris III


“Release the beast!” launched Ellen von Unwerth on the mythical stage of Les Bains to introduce the screening of the short film of the same title she made for the launch of Eau de Cologne Les Bains Guerbois. Jean-Pierre Marois recalled that”cinema is the daily life of yesterday and today for the Baths”, citing not only films shot in and around the establishment such as Rohmer’s Les Nuits de la Pleine Lune or Polanski’s Frantic, but above all the personalities who still frequent it such as director Xavier Dolan.

This first fragrant opus also recalls the origins dedicated to the well-being of this address formerly called Bains Guerbois and founded in 1885. “The heritage of the Baths, which was an incredible house, the most luxurious spa in Paris with its hair salon, its restaurant and its treatment rooms described in a dithyrambic way by the Figaro shortly after its opening, was magnificent and that it had to be resurrected. To transcribe the idea of an innocent and personal hedonism, Marois called upon Michel Almairac, an emblematic nose whose creations have made the rich hours of contemporary perfumery.

Beyond this double pedigree, the will of the master of the place is to free creative words. “The ambiguity lies in the identity of this monster. Is it the other or yourself? Release the Beast is also the liberation of talent, our will as independents to grant ourselves the freedom to play, to seek, to indulge in a broad community of talent that shares our vision and our desires.”

Photos: Virgile Guinard
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