08.07.2013 Théâtre de Verdure #music

Diesel in Calvi : night 4

Before last evening at the Théâtre de Verdure, the citadel goes into gangsta mode with a fourth hip-hop line-up.
DJ Pone inducted the show in front of a scattered audience. As always on the rock, the majority of the festival-goers hang out in the local restaurants. The fault to the local gastronomy, fish cheeses and delicatessen, but also to the too watered afternoons which call to the before siesta.

Although the pit usually fills only at midnight, at 11pm the human flow intensifies for The Pharcyde’s live show. It must be said that the four Californian rappers have become rare since the 90’s. Ultra-revival then, the L.A. team. is fully loaded, and pours his East-Coast flow, “Passing Me By” and “Runnin” into his heads for almost an hour. Hands up, booty shakent. Madeleine.

Jamie Lidell and dOP take command of the suite, while Arnaud Rebotini and Scratch Massive set fire to the powders at the Club Annex. Charming troquet nestled in the alleys, sometimes nicknamed “the sauna” for its infernal heat, the Tender is part of the official afters of the festival and has the particular to be held by an insomniac man who leaves his bar only to open his scooter rental shop.

Photos: Virgile Guinard


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