Can an artist still have a critical point of view in our current society? This is one of the questions Fondation d’entreprise Ricard raises with the new exhibition “A Barbarian in Paris”. Curated by Joachim Hamou,Maija Rudovska and Barbara Sirieix, the exhibition was inaugurated right after the closing of Paris Photo. It is base on Andrej Kurcijs’ 1923 manifesto “Active Art”, and brings together artists such as Tatjana Danneberg, Virgile Fraisse, Viktor Timofeev or Anna-Strina Treumund. Together, the artists not only reflect on their role in our society but also on our relationship with art. Along with the exhibition, the three curators introduced their book also called “Active Art”, published by Paraguay Press. The exhibition will run until December 22nd.

Photos: Jean Picon
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