Fooding Guide Award Evening 2014

Cirque d'hiver Bouglione


That’s it, it’s done: the capital’s most yummy office unveiled its list of favourites for 2014 and awarded its Guide Fooding Awards at a “Amicalement Queer” evening.

Blessed are those who come to expand the list of his favorites, because the Guide Fooding is a bible for any epicurean in search of gastronomy served good franquette. Blessed also are those who experienced, live, the joyful coronation of the recipients, during the Bureau’s great annual raout which was held this year at the Cirque d’Hiver. Here is a suitable host for this extraordinary event which, by tradition, looks more like a circus than an ambassador’s dinner. And so much the better! The Augustes of Bouglione need only behave.

But let’s move on. Just arrived, the tone “Friendly Queer” is set. In the queue, Yves Camdeborde already seems to have happily spread his companion’s lipstick, although he was alone that evening. Starving, the editors-in-chief of Jalou Editions wriggle with moustaches of various sizes. The doors of the concrete tent open to a first appetizer: Tempura de Poireaux, fried in situ by the L’Entrée des Artistes team. First punch of taste.

While waiting to discover, by chewing, the continuation, the changing rooms act as airlocks. Rare enough to mention, because Fooding evenings usually take place in polar latitudes, outside, and in large coats. For the first time in a long time, we get rid of the winter hodgepodge before swallowing up what Parisian cuisines come out most appreciable, Fooding style. And there…

The stands lined up like tomatoes in their crates offer, according to mood and affinities: Prat-Ar-Cum oysters by Yvon Madec, Ma Po Tofu by Yam’Tcha, tartar by Beef Club or Bellota-Bellota by Philippe Poulachon. It’s Byzantium, isn’t it, Philip? But first of all, it was at the Pantruche corner that we had to stop, because the Paleron ravioli on their celery ball broth and Granny Smith apple are a delight to fail Tantalum.

Then follows the ceremonial moment, when the sacrosanct trophies are presented to the winners of the hands of Catherine and Liliane – sorry, Alex Lutz and Bruno Sanches – the two MCs of the evening. Jamel Debbouze, funny coordinator of the 2012 festivities, takes an amused look. Let us quote in the disorder: Le Mary Céleste (best bar with delights), Simple Sushi (best sushi), Buvette (Fooding d’amour) and Richer (best Bistrot). The grail of the Fooding d’honneur belongs to the gang of popular bars. I hear it’s too good.

To close the course, the desserts are tasted right on the track, under the tent, where a series of lives await the guests. Three concerts, three atmospheres, with Theodore, Paul and Gabriel (who are in fact women), the creatures of the Club Sandwich and Nicolas Ullmann, professor of transformationism. So we stay in the theme, on stage as on the plates, with the chocolate millefeuilles of Katsuaki Okiyama, who comes from Abri, in Paris. The at tables exult, the pots purr, and the great vintages flow with floods. That’s right, one moment Fooding. B.B.

Photos: Cédric Canezza
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