Almost more than a brand, G. Kero is a project: that of French artist Marguerite Bartherotte. Created in 2013, the brand is now inaugurating its first boutique-atelier, located at 11 rue Debelleyme in Paris. With her innovative approach, Marguerite Bartherotte breathes new life into the fashion industry. The environmentally-friendly collections are designed in France, produced in Italy and manufactured in Portugal. From the canvas to the garment, originality is the keyword. This week, friends like Céline Sallette, Armand Penicaut (from Papooz) and Cosmo Gonik came to discover the new retail setting; the festivities included shows from the groups Oracle Sisters and Poudre Noire. Pointing to the brand’s success, Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne have worn G. Kero creations before.

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