Juliette Has A Gun does not lay down her weapons

Les Chandelles


Ten years ago Romano Ricci launched Juliette has a Gun, its brand sounding like a challenge in a highly codified world of perfumery.

The grandson of the legendary Nina, Romano has freed himself from this heritage to be above all a creator, forming with each of his fragrances an intimate bond, giving them character rather than a simple olfactory identity. Lady Vengeance, Mad Madame or Not a Perfume, at each perfume in this collection, which now counts 17, the nose captures a vision of femininity that is conquering, ostentatiously free and that does not allow itself to be told.

It is armed with this insolence which characterizes Juliette that she celebrated her birthday with the Chandelles, the sulphurous and famous Parisian club, surrounded by her friends and her founder under the sign of lightness and a zest of provocation. As a reminder that far from giving up, Juliette has a Gun will continue to provoke, intrigue and above all to break free of expectations.

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