19.03.2013 Bar de l'Hôtel Carlton #music

Launch of the BEHIND label

“Behind” is the name of the brand new music label of the duo Lionel Bensemoun / Matthieu Gazier, enthroned last night in the middle of the gramophones of the Carlton bar – the one in front of the Cigale, with its outdated decor.

Needless to say, it will be necessary to follow closely this new corporation logotyped by Mr. André, who begins his sound epic with the talent for which it was born: Benjamin Clémentine. An 80’s cut black from across the Channel already heard at the Baron, at Cannes, Calvi, Cabourg, and in just about all the places where La Clique set his clacs. In two words and a piano, Benjamin Clementine is an ability to move that brings all the kittens of the world wide web to the mat. An interpreter in the process of consecration.

The launch party was thus the occasion to listen again to some of his flagship tracks live, and to discover an amazing (future) hotspot of Pigalle, whose right bank has not finished hearing about… Behind and Benj Clem.


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