We often realize the success of a brand judging by the personalities present at their fashion shows. Here, Léa, Lou and Jerry, the young trio behind the ready-to-wear label JOUR/NÉ, have succeeded in their bet: capture the interest of influential journalists like Sophie Fontanel, but also captivate a young generation, creative and uncomplicated, embodied by the daughters of Gucci Gang, photographer Adeline Mai or Louise Follain who could also be seen on the brand’s campaign images posted throughout Paris. JOUR/NÉ has this simplicity and spontaneity that make it one of the favourite houses of a seasoned fashion audience, but also of a wider audience in search of this authenticity. It was in the garden of the Mona Bismarck American Center that the trio presented their new collection, with a partnership all in bubbles with Coca-Cola. For the occasion, the house was dressed in the red colours of the drink and we even saw some Coca-Cola full looks. Review of a coloured front row.

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