On Day 2 of Paris Fashion Week, Marine Serre brought fashion to the movie theater. With no proper fashion show scheduled this season (for obvious reasons), the French designer chose to show her Spring-Summer 2021 collection on the big screen. The result is a 13-minute film titled ‘Amor Fati’, directed by Sacha Barbin and Ryan Doubiago. The film encapsulates Marine Serre’s futuristic vision – she popularized masks on the runway way before it became an (unwanted) everyday object. At the Max Linder Panorama, the former LVMH Prize winner presented the film to her selected guests, a few hours before it was first unveiled on the FHCM digital platform. A creative ‘tour de force’, the film relies on its two main characters: model and longstanding collaborator Juliet Merie, and Iranian-Dutch musician Sevdaliza. In a journey to self-discovery taking them through a part-fantasized, part-prophetic, post-apocalyptic world, the two protagonists undergo various transformations in a play of seduction and danger. They thus embody an “eternal recurrence”, the famous phrase by Nietzsche which inspired the title of the film…

Photos: Valentin Le Cron
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