Erika Cavallini has chosen an abandoned industrial building’s entire floor to show her Spring/Summer 2019 collection on the official Milan Fashion Week schedule. Inside, guests were almost surprised by the darkness. Created in 2009 by Erika Cavallini, the brand quickly established itself as a staple of Made in Italy with a very personal, charismatic and engaging identity, embodied by the founder herself. Backstage, 90s top model Nadège Dubospertus was to be seen. Not only did she opened the show, she also closed it alongside the designer herself. Everyone’s eye was caught by the movement of the skirts, the fluidity of the materials, and the harmony of the colors. The range of colors is essential: ochres, beiges, yellows and khaki transport guests into desert regions, and the feeling is accentuated by safari jackets and sandals worn by the models. The final was all about female camaraderie: the models all walked together behind Erika who was guiding them on the runway. Everyone was smiling, and in all the Fashion Week seriousness, this is definitely what we like to see the most.

Photos: Sefora Delli Rocioli
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