Presentation of the project La Jeune Rue

Rue du Verbois, Paris 3e


Anyone who says that nothing is happening in Paris has not heard of the Jeune Rue project. A 3D manifesto that will make 2014 rhyme with design and virtuous agriculture. And for good reason…

Until then, its founder Cédric Naudon had remained discreet about his designs, at least before the big press conference held last Thursday evening in front of an audience of creators and journalists from all horizons. The financier, instigator of Behind the Scene, publisher of places to live and eat, has just bought 28 commercial premises all located at one and the same address (a few numbers away): rue du Verbois, a charming little crossing of the 3rd district hidden behind the Arts et Métiers. A real razzia carefully prepared, which will allow Paris to receive in offerings 28 spots dedicated to the good life, the natural, and environmental responsibility.

To promote all forms of virtuous agriculture by collaborating with exceptional producers, to provide city dwellers with products of exceptional quality, to give back the taste of good things: so many promises made through this madly disproportionate project, which will reach maturity throughout 2014, with three waves of openings now eagerly awaited. In particular, you will find highly tasty products – and from permaculture, please – from the Ferme du Bec-Hellouin, or Roland Feuillas’ breads and Chef Antonin Bonnet’s menu. Yummy!

But that is far from all: for the realization of these committed stalls, the entrepreneur has brought together the crème de la crème of world design, invited to rethink each place according to the stylistic affinities of each. A place, a designer, a DNA. After work, you can have dinner in the fish restaurant designed by the Campana brothers, buy your tomatoes in the grocery store designed by Tom Dixon or eat your tapas on Jasper Morrison’s zinc. You can also go to the Speakeasy signed Ingo Maurer, taste the fresh pasta at the Italian thought by Patrizia Urquiola, and so on before the 10pm screening at the cinema designed by Andrea Branzi. Eminently sexy list, you will concede it, but nevertheless not exhaustive.

A Deus ex machina on the great French design stage! Case to follow… B.B.

Photos: Virgile Guinard
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