18.11.2014 Beaubourg #lifestyle

Smart #beFORparty

Yesterday evening, while some of them were on fire at the Queen celebrating the French Touch with Kerry Chandler, others opted for the multi-sensory trip offered by SMART for the baby shower of its two newborns: fortwo and forfour (include a two-seater and a four-seater, still as compact, but better). Others finally remained in the tail of the Queen. Too bad.

Besides the plethora of animations and performances instigated by the H5 collective throughout the ground floor and mezzanines of the Centre Pompidou, the main attraction was on stage with the live revival of the four C2C friends. Electronically, the band proved that they hadn’t lost anything of their beauty by swallowing popcorn like a string of hits. Delicious!

Is it worth mentioning that the champagne flowed? No. That the evening extended to the most undue hours of a Tuesday night party? No, either. The VIP mezzanine has seen the most desirable creatures from all over the city, not to mention the host of ambassadors and friends of the city-dweller, obviously just as comfortable with flutes as with a steering wheel. Report in pictures.


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