We Love Green, day 2

Parc de Bagatelle


Here we go for a second day in the heart of the Bagatelle park, and a line-up that is growing, the festival opening its doors today from 16h. The perfect timing: mild weather. Today we’ll hear La Femme, Micachu & The Shapes, Camille, Beirut and Klaxons.

17h. The Woman starts her show. This band of cheerful drilles seems to grow as their careers get stronger. We can’t count them anymore. One of them is green, for obvious reasons. But what he doesn’t know yet is that there is no backstage water, and that he will spend the rest of his day dressed up like a B-series Martian. New-wave pop fans will have for their money, as always, because this very young biarrot conglomerate maintains its freak hemisphere with the greatest care. It is effective, playful, anti-static and panting. It has to be said that the young girls in bloom enjoy themselves in front of the stage, and let themselves be transported to who better in their micro-short in jeans, that of rigour. The first crowds are conquered, so are we.

Not omitting the noble cause that the festival embraces, we make the tour of the workshops, to glean information ecolo. Passage obliged by the stand Crochet Playground Love, where Faustine Durand starts to crochet all kinds of cute things in her wool bio bobo. We meet Aksel, our dearest Pachanga Boy, who made us dance so much on the beaches of Calvi. Knitting discussion.

At 6:30, Micachu and the Shapes enter the stage. The tunes are mummifying, dull, no sound feat titillates the eardrums. Once that’s done, we take a jukebox break in the Heineken space, which had the brilliant idea to adorn with wood an open playlist with speakers and deckchairs, under one of the beautiful quinquagenarian trees of the plain boulonnaise. Camille, the tireless standard-bearer of the generation of the morose thirty-somethings, followed. She eructs and creaks. His mastery of onomatopoeia is total, to the delight of his aficionados, who are outnumbered. No man’s land.

Night has fallen, Beirut soothes the mists with his psychedelic folk, and his almost philharmonic composition. The flights of Zach Condon and his eight instrumentalists transport us. But it is the crazy people of Klaxons who will come to sow the disorder on the second part of the festival, with a mined series, at the borders of punk and politically audible. Some say that the group is behind a movement called the “nude rave”. But some also susurrent, in the VIP corner, that Keira Knightley is backstage, to support her handsome musician… We Love Green, day II: end. B.B.

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