05.10.2015 Les Bains #lifestyle

We Party this Way’ by colette

In 1981, the French photographer Sophie Bramly, correspondent for the French media, moved to New York and very quickly abandoned her work in order to observe the emergence of Hip-Hop in the Bronx. By photographing legends like Afrika Bambaataa, Grand Master Flash, The Beastie Boys, Futura 2000, Keith Haring or The Rock Steady Crew, Sophie Bramly immortalizes them in intimate and original moments, at home with their parents or behind the scenes, with delicacy and in a touching way.

30 years later,”Walk this way” reminds us of the authenticity of Hip Hop, its roots and the generosity of its extraordinary pioneers, in a book published in 500 copies by Julien Frydman and published by Galerie 213.

At the end of the opening of the exhibition to discover at colette before October 24, the”best crowd” of the week went to dance break at Les Bains to the sounds of Fab Five Freddy, Uncle O, and Oko, Travis Scott in the lead.

Photos: Virgile Guinard


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