Emma Chamberlain


If we were to name the face of Gen Z, it would most likely be that of Emma Chamberlain. When this young Californian sophomore decided to launch her YouTube channel in 2016, she probably wasn’t expecting to make it to the famous Forbes “30 Under 30”, nor to be named amongst the “25 Most Influential People on the Internet” by Time magazine. She was quite simply trying to find a passion outside of school and have fun with her friends. Relatable content, comedic zooms, meme-like sound effects and conversational tone, Emma Chamberlain naturally created the perfect formula – which has ultimately redefined the codes of YouTube and audiovisual communication at large. In 2019, the internet’s most loved YouTuber, a fervent lover of coffee, launched Chamberlain Coffee with the idea of providing people with an easy and sustainable way of making their own brew, needless to say, accompanied by an assorted selection of merch, featuring customizable cartoon animal characters. Not only a spokesperson for her generation and a highly successful entrepreneur, Emma Chamberlain has also become a fashion icon. She’s now a regular in some of the most fashionable events like the MET Gala or Paris Fashion Week and has been featured on the cover of magazines like VOGUE. Moving on to the beauty front, Lancôme announced Emma Chamberlain as the brand’s new ambassador in 2023.