Ora Ïto

#art #design

Born and raised in Marseille, Ito Morabito (also known as Ora-Ïto) is a French designer who has made his name in the field thanks to a distinctive multidisciplinary approach rooted in the notion of “simplexity”. In 1997, he made quite a breakthrough by creating virtual products out of appropriating top brands such as Louis Vuitton and Apple. These audacious inventions not only brought attention to his work but also led those very brands to later seek to collaborate with him. Ora-Ïto’s eponymous studio embodies his transversal and cutting-edge vision, encompassing not only object design but an all-around concept involving design, architecture, furniture and any element or symbol comprising our contemporary culture. In 2013, he was awarded the Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres, a testament to his talent and innovative contribution to the field. Two years later, the French designer founded the MAMO art centre on the roof terrace of the Cité Radieuse, a building designed by Le Corbusier, which recently celebrated its 10th anniversary.